Random Things I Learned at My First Markets

Deciding to do a market was SCARY. I had so many questions and doubts… What if I don’t sell anything? How do you small talk? What will people want? Do I have enough stock made? Where do you even find craft markets?

Do you think I had answers to these questions before signing up? NOPE.

But I signed up for one anyway, because girl you are never going to be “fully prepared.” You are going to make mistakes, you are going to forget things, and you might even need to force your boyfriend to go to Walmart & Biggby to grab some things you forgot (and coffee ;)). But it will be OK.

Here’s a photo from my first craft market!

So here is my set up from my first market. It’s not perfect, there’s some stuff you can’t see. Plus I was sitting hidden in the back crocheting 90% of the time because I’m a total introvert. But hey, I went and I learned!

I know you’re probably wondering what people were saying. What did they want that I didn’t have? What other random things did I learn?

White Hats

So apparently people want all white beanies. Why? I have no idea. I never wear anything white because let’s face it, I’m MESSY and I would probably stain it instantly. But I was asked by multiple people if I had any all white hats and no, no I did not.

Baby Boy Things

So I had a few of baby girl beanies leftover that I made forever ago at my first market and at my second I had some newer baby girl beanies, but I was asked by a few people if I had any boy ones because mine were too girly, so next time I’ll be strapped with baby boy beanies and ready to go!

People like things under $35

So I think I found the sweet spot. I sold many pom pom beanies for $35, but the ones I priced higher due to higher quality yarn & intense colorwork did not sell. They were just $5 more but not a single one sold. So stick to the basics and try to keep most of your makes in the sweet spot and priced at $35 or under.

Invest in a Square Card Reader & Bring Cash

Thankfully I made the trip to Best Buy before my first market and picked up a $30 square card reader and let me tell you. It paid for itself in the first half hour of my market. At my first market half of my sales were on card and the other half were paid in cash so I highly recommend bringin both a card reader and cash, people like their options.

If someone asks you for your opinion, GIVE IT

If someone asks “Should I get the black hat or the gray one?” just give them an answer. A lady asked for my opinion and I just awkwardly said “ohhh whatever one you like” and she put them both down and didn’t end up getting either. Just give people a recommendation and don’t be awkward like me hahaha.

Have Some Cheap Kid Things

There’s lots of moms at craft markets and you can make their day a lot easier if you have some small cheap kid items so their kids can get their one thing at the market and they can relax and not get asked a million times “Can I get this??” Also, I’ve even seen some vendors set out a little bowl of candy for any kids (or adults 😉 ) who walk by and I thought it was a great idea! For a quick crochet alien keychain for kids check out my newest free pattern.

Connect With Other Vendors!

Other more local experienced vendors can be a great resource for you! Ask them how they’re doing, maybe buy from one of them, get their business card and follow them on socials. Maybe you can collab with them in the future, or chat about how the market went, or even ask about future markets or craft shows you’re interested in or shows they’ve been to in the past. Other vendors have SO much knowledge, especially for your local area and it can be so helpful. Some may even be in local vendor facebook groups that you can join, so make connections with local vendors!

Don’t be Too Shy

Here’s one I’m definitely still working on, I am a total introvert and not the bubbly type to be like “HEY! Buy my things,” but I can definitely work on it. Practice and it may take a few markets to get in the groove of selling. I am continually working on this because when I shop I like to be left alone, but some want the story, they want the details. How long have you been doing this? Do you make it all yourself? Give them the low down, and chat yourself up a little. You’re amazing!!

Okay, well I think that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m hoping to do tons more markets in the future so I can write more about them. I have currently been to two, one went insanely awesome, the other was a total flop. But hey, I learned a ton at both of them and was happy to get the experience. If any of these tips and random tidbits were helpful to you please leave me a comment below! If you want to hear more from me sign up for my email list to be notified with every new blog post, sale, or any other exciting things going on at Yaya’s Hook N Yarn. If you’d like a little more info on who I am, head to my about page 🙂

Free Market Day Essentials Checklist!

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