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About Me

Sarra Watkins

Small business owner and entrepreneur

Hey! I’m Sarra, the creative entrepreneur behind Yaya’s Hook N Yarn. I learned how to crochet and sew when I was nine years old, and have been creating ever since. I am a full time college student majoring in business and I have a passion for business and creating. I have always been an entrepreneur- from selling duct tape wallets and rubber band bracelets in middle school- to now owning my own business selling high quality handmade accessories and decor to moms of baby girls. I have always wanted to be a mom and making baby things is one of my favorite things to do. When I’m not working on my business you can often find me hanging out with my amazing boyfriend Jacob. He takes me skiing, to country concerts, and breaks me out of my introvert shell to do all the fun things. 

Handmade Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Hi, My Name Is Sarra Watkins

I was born in Michigan, but raised all over the U.S. My dad was in the military so I was pretty familiar with being the new kid in school and moved about 10 times. After learning how to crochet and sew when I was about 9 years old I was constantly crafting. I would crochet on the playground and on the sidelines of my brother’s soccer games. I sewed little skirts and clothes for my dolls occasionally. However, my passion for creating didn’t really take off until about 2019 when I discovered an entire community of makers on Instagram. I had no idea there were so many young people like me who crocheted. After diving 

into the crochet community in 2019 I have met so many amazing makers and created tons of what I call “crochet friends.” Since the beginning of 2019, I have started my Etsy shop, created a blog, and have finally started having some big wild crochet dreams of where I can take my business in the future.